Panel on Automakers’ Long-Term Environmental Sustainability Goals

As part of SP’s 3rd Quarter Membership Meeting in July 2020, SP hosted a panel discussion exploring leading automakers’ long-term environmental sustainability goals, the drivers / context behind those goals, and examples of specific actions companies are taking to advance progress on their goals.

Panelists included,

  • Andy Hobbs, Director Environmental Quality Office, Ford Motor Company
  • Kevin Butt, Senior Director Environmental Sustainability, Toyota Motor North America
  • Rae Howard, Sustainability Mission Leader, General Motors
  • Alissa Yakali, Sustainability Manager, Honda of America Mfg.
  • Al Johnston, Manager Corporate Environmental Programs, FCA
  • Moderator: Steve Hellem, Executive Director, SP

After exploring industry environmental sustainability aspirations at large in the Q3 meeting, SP will be digging into the detail of such goals and further examining opportunities for collaborative action over course of future membership meetings. SP’s Q4 Membership meeting will focus on details of industry carbon / energy goals. Please contact SP to learn more about membership and participation in future events.

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