Save the Date: SP Q4 Virtual Membership Meeting

SP’s 4th Quarter Membership Meeting will be held as a virtual event on October 26 – 28, 2020.

After exploring automotive industry environmental sustainability aspirations at large in our Q3 membership meeting panels, we will now begin to dig into the detail of such goals in our upcoming meetings and further examine opportunities for collaborative action, with a specific focus on industry carbon / energy goals in the Q4 meeting.

The Q4 meeting will include a panel of leading OEMs discussing their carbon / energy goals in detail, along with relevant case studies, best practices and strategies to advance action on energy / carbon goals and other environmental targets. The meeting will also include sessions on managing waste in automotive operations, advancing responsible management of EV batteries, special guest speakers, and progress reports from each of SP’s member-led working groups.

Expected Q4 speakers include representatives from FCA, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, Audi Mexico, US Department of Energy, World Environment Center, Project WET, Wildlife Habitat Council, US BCSD, DERKA, ERA Environmental, Everledger, GWT Insight, Heritage, Li-Cycle, Henkel, Manufacture 2030, US Ecology, VLS Recovery, Waste Management, VMX International and others.

Please find our Q4 meeting schedule below for reference, additional agenda details and registration information has been provided directly to SP member contacts and invited guests. Representatives of automakers and automotive suppliers may complete the short form below to request a guest invitation to the event.

Q4 Virtual Meeting Schedule

  • October 26. Pre-Meeting Workshops, including SP EV Battery Recycling Workshop and SP EHS Forum meetings.
  • October 27, SP Q4 Membership Meeting Day 1, including OEM / supplier panel discussions on carbon / energy goals and actions within the automotive industry and supply chain.
  • October 28, SP Q4 Membership Meeting Day 2, including special guest speakers on emerging environmental sustainability issues, and SP work group report-outs.

Q4 Virtual Meeting Invitation Request

    Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about SP and opportunities to participate as a member.

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