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Since 2002, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) has been the leading forum for global vehicle manufacturers and their large and small suppliers to work together to improve the environmental sustainability and business value of the global automotive supply chain. As SP continues to provide innovative solutions and cooperative approaches to environmental sustainability issues in the automotive supply chain, we welcome new companies to join us in this endeavor.

SP members are working together toward a shared vision of an automotive industry with positive environmental impact by advancing leading practices / projects in key areas such as,

  • SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS. Striving to transform our manufacturing operations to achieve positive environmental impact through minimizing resource use, optimizing efficiency and advancing innovation.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS. Striving to eliminate waste and optimize use of sustainable materials in our operations and products.
  • SUSTAINABLE SUPPLIERS. Striving to help our suppliers minimize their environmental impact and advance sustainable innovations at scale through sharing of environmental best practices, tools and resources.

Membership Application

Value of SP Membership

  • Be part of the leadership forum where corporate environmental sustainability leaders from across the automotive and mobility industry come together to connect, learn and advance best practice related to industry environmental sustainability goals and priorities.
  • Collaborate with industry peers through member-driven work groups on unique projects and activities addressing short-term environmental sustainability and business needs while promoting action in support of long-term industry goals.
  • Contribute to development of new industry guidance documents, tools and resources to drive positive change.
  • Stay informed of global trends and emerging practices related to sustainability within the automotive / mobility sector.
  • Enhance collaborative relationships with thought leaders and innovators within the industry, as well as strategic stakeholders in government and NGO community.

SP members tell us that SP’s strengths include,

  • balancing long-term environmental sustainability aspirations with tangible short-term projects
  • facilitating collaboration among organizations of all sizes
  • sharing environmental best practices across the supply chain
  • fostering a network of experts to mentor and enable others
  • extending positive impacts to local communities and organizations outside the auto sector through outreach / education
  • building unique collaborative relationships with external stakeholders (government, nonprofits, academia)

Membership Requirements

  • Membership in the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) is open to vehicle manufacturers, their tiered suppliers and service providers, and other companies doing business within the automotive value chain.
  • Government entities and charitable non-profit organizations with an established relationship with the automotive industry may also be considered for “associate membership”. Please contact us for more information on eligibility.
  • Application for membership in SP may be made by completing the application form linked below.  An invoice for annual membership dues will be issued upon acceptance of the application. It is understood and agreed that membership will be maintained for at least one year and may be continued thereafter, without renewal, on a year-to-year basis unless the member notifies the Executive Director of their intention to resign prior to the close of the fiscal year.
  • A prospective member also needs to indicate the company’s commitment to conduct business in accordance with SP’s bylaws and its antitrust guidelines.


Suppliers / Value Chain

based on North American corporate sales

  • Group I – Sales >$1 billion dollars: $10,000
  • Group II – Sales >$250 million <$1 billion dollar: $ 5,000
  • Group III – Sales >$100 million <$250 million dollars: $ 2,500
  • Group IV – Sales >$10 million <$100 million dollars: $ 1,500
  • Group V – Sales $0 to $10 million dollars: $ 1,000

Vehicle Manufacturers

based on US market share in largest market segment

  • > 10% US Market Share: $20,000
  • 5% – 10% US Market Share: $15,000
  • <5% US Market Share: $12,500

Join Us

We welcome vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to join us in our mission to improve the environmental sustainability of the automotive supply chain.

To learn more about SP and membership opportunities for your company, feel free to contact us at

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