New DRIVE Campaigns, Sustainable Practices at Home

SP’s Emerging Professionals Work Group (SP EP) is facilitating monthly member roundtables and campaigns on topics related to the theme of ‘Driving Past COVID’ this quarter.  In late August, SP EP hosted a roundtable on personal actions to support sustainable practices while working from home, and many of the ideas shared by members in that roundtable have now been added by the SP EP team to the Drive platform as new campaign content. 

We would encourage all SP members to visit Drive and join with others in the SP community in sharing some of the ways that you are supporting sustainability at home. SP EP will be offering incentives for the most active participants on Drive, such as recognition in future SP profiles and meetings, and providing opportunities to connect and learn from experience of senior leaders in SP community. 

New Drive Campaigns for Sustainable Practices at Home (created by SP EP members)

  • Conscious Consumption. It’s safe to say in recent months our consumption as consumers has increased significantly-either at the register or online. We’re eating out less and cooking at home, sprucing up our home work space, and investing in newfound hobbies. The choices you make regarding these seemingly small purchases can contribute to the direction consumer industries go today and in the future. Take these actions and prove the power of those purse strings!  
  • Energy / Water Awareness. Covid-19 has changed our working habits in many ways, including by increasing the amount of people suddenly allowed to work from home. That brings many opportunities and challenges with it. Training yourself and building up new habits of energy / water awareness is the main goal of this campaign. What you teach yourself to do here will not only help you keep your home infrastructure costs lower post-Covid, but also can serve as the baseline for how you approach your work once you are back in the office with your colleagues.
  • Protect the Pollinators (updated for WFH). Pollinators, like the Monarch butterfly, are critical to our ecosystem and are in decline globally, in part due to lack of habitat. By working together to promote conservation actions at home and/or work, we can collectively achieve greater impact while creating new habitats for species of concern such as the Monarch and improving our communities. Join us! 

Next SP EP Monthly Roundtable – September 30

  • SP EP’s next monthly work group call is scheduled for September 30 at 10AM EDT and we would welcome all interested SP members to attend.  In this next roundtable we’ll talk about how to spread sustainable practices to our peers and team members. These calls won’t involve formal member presentations—intention is to be casual, productive conversation and information sharing from all.

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