Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) Southern Supply Chain Network

On February 19, General Motors hosted the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP)’s Southern Supply Chain Forum on Improving Materials Efficiency at its GM Spring Hill Manufacturing Complex in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The meeting provided a forum for over 100 automakers, suppliers, recycling solution providers and government representatives to discuss waste reduction challenges and identify opportunities for collaboration in the Southeast United States.


Pictured: (L) Jim Laney, DENSO; (R) Kevin Reinhart, Calsonic Kansei

During the meeting automotive manufacturers and suppliers including General Motors, DENSO and CalsonicKansei shared best practices for recycling and reuse, and discussed opportunities for collaboration through the supply chain in the Southeast United States to reach waste reduction goals.


Pictured: (L-R) Pat Van Ryckeghem, Holley Hanes and John Bradburn, GM with a birdhouse made from Volt scrap battery cover; (R) Participants discuss environmental sustainability collaboration opportunities

“Compared to other regions where GM has plants, the Southeast has opportunity to build up its recycling economy,” said John Bradburn, GM manager of waste-reduction efforts. “By connecting local recyclers – and those with potential – with area companies, we can start to address the gaps and build a more robust infrastructure that will help the auto industry and beyond to leave a smaller footprint.”

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