ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunts

Energy savings are hidden all around you, if you know where to look. SP members may wish to consider participating in EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Treasure Hunt campaign to find the “energy gold” buried in your facility in a fun, collaborative quest with your teammates to uncover hidden energy savings, save BTUs, and earn recognition for your efforts.

Use resources available from ENERGY STAR to plan and host a treasure hunt in your facility. EPA has developed treasure maps and how-to guides to help you on your quest, all based on the proven practices of ENERGY STAR award winners.

Beginning in October, EPA will “open the treasure chest” and invite organizations to share their findings and earn recognition for their participation and accomplishments. When you contribute your savings to the treasure chest, you can demonstrate all the possibilities of treasure hunts and inspire others to dig for their own hidden energy treasure.

Visit to start planning your treasure hunt today. 

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