Webinar: Accelerate Your Impact

Webinar: Accelerate Your Impact: How the Accelerate Auto program is helping drive decarbonization across the value chain

March 24, 1:00PM – 2:00PM EST

Join us as we explore the key components and considerations of the Accelerate Auto Program – a collaborative initiative launched by Edison Energy, Renew Energy Partners, and Manufacturing 2030.

Accelerate Auto was established to provide a holistic, methodical approach to decarbonization efforts for suppliers within the auto industry. In this session, we will discuss best practices and key insights from how leading OEMs are implementing across their value chain, in order to ensure suppliers and OEMs have the knowledge and tools they need to take actionable next steps to get involved.


  • Bill Kenworthy, Vice President, Energy Optimization, Edison Energy
  • Charlie Lord, Principal and Co-Founder, Renew Energy Partners
  • Emily Prior, Chief Customer Officer, Manufacture 2030
  • Moderator: Kellen Mahoney, Director, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment
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