Updating SP’s Long-Term Vision

We are pleased to share that SP members have now approved an update to SP’s vision, mission and goals.

In late 2019, the SP Executive Committee set out a challenge to ensure that we continue to build on SP’s strengths while pursuing new opportunities to collectively make a meaningful impact in contributing to the automotive industry’s shared environmental sustainability aspirations.  

While SP could not have even begun to conceive of the present COVID-19 crisis when we launched this strategic planning process, we strongly believe in this challenging time that it is more important than ever that we all continue to look toward the future.

And as we look toward a future both during and beyond the current COVID-19 challenges, we feel the automotive industry’s long-term vision and commitment to sustainability could not be clearer. 

As you know several of our SP members have publicly outlined their long-term commitment to sustainability, including ambitious aspirational goals in areas such as achieving zero carbon emissions, operating on 100% renewable energy, using zero potable water in manufacturing, eliminating waste, and many others – not to mention transforming the future of mobility. 

Taken together we feel these aspirations point toward a collective vision of “an automotive industry with positive environmental impact” that all SP members can strive towards. 

We also know that no one company can achieve this vision alone, and that the collaborative relationships we build and the expertise we share through SP will be increasingly critical as we continue to move forward on this journey together.  

It is our expectation that the updates being proposed to SP’s vision and mission further reinforce not only our collective work to advance action on the industry’s environmental sustainability aspirations, but also SP’s value to each of you in building long-term relationships, learning from others’ experiences, and enhancing your company’s sustainability and competitiveness now and into the future.

Please feel free to reach out to SP with any questions, comments or ideas on our path forward, and thank you as always for your partnership and support. 

Thank you.

Kevin Butt

Toyota Motor North America

SP Chair 

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