SP Tier 1 Supplier Roundtable

In August, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) hosted a meeting of a SP Tier 1 Supplier Roundtable.

The supplier roundtable is intended to provide a safe space for sustainability leaders from large Tier 1 Suppliers in the SP membership to openly talk about industry sustainability goals and challenges among peers, and explore additional opportunities for connections and collaboration through SP.  It is very important to us at SP to actively seek supplier input to help prioritize and shape our efforts and we view this roundtable as one key mechanism for doing so.

This recent discussion centered on three main topics:

  • Industry Sustainability Goals & Customer Requests. What are suppliers’ top challenges / pain points in working toward industry sustainability goals?  Where do you feel customer expectations / requirements increasing or shifting most rapidly, and how is your company responding?
  • Industry Alignment & Engagement. Where might more consistency and collaboration across industry be most beneficial to suppliers in relation to noted industry sustainability goals / challenges? Where might more education / common resources be helpful?  
  • Scope 3 / Value Chain.  How are suppliers approaching Scope 3 today, and what do you see as main barriers to be addressed in near-term? Where might there be opportunities to facilitate further collaboration across Tier 1 suppliers to leverage shared resources in working to address common Scope 3 challenges?

Through the discussions, supplier member sustainability leaders highlighted a range of opportunities for SP to continue to provide leadership, guidance and support to further advance environmental sustainability best practices through the supply chain. This supplier feedback is being shared directly with SP’s executive committee to inform planning related to future SP programs, with the next supplier roundtable session scheduled for late Q4 2021 to continue the conversation.

The supplier roundtable is open to sustainability leaders from SP tier 1 supplier members, please do contact us if you’d like to learn more about SP and opportunities to participate as a member.

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