SP Monarch Butterfly Conservation Project

As members of the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP), we share a common vision of working together to improve environmental sustainability and competitiveness of the global automotive supply chain.

While environmental sustainability encompasses many important issues, advancing biodiversity conservation within both our own operations, as well as those of our suppliers, is one key component of this vision.

Biodiversity programs need not be complex or costly and often begin with a small step, such as the establishment of a butterfly garden at a single site.  Pollinators, like the Monarch butterfly, are critical to our ecosystem and are in decline globally, in part due to lack of habitat. By working together strategically to promote corporate conservation programs across our respective lands, we feel that our industry can collectively achieve greater impact while creating meaningful new habitats for species of concern such as the Monarch and improving the communities in which we operate.

We are asking each SP member to consider working together with us to implement a pollinator project at one of your sites this year and help create a legacy we can all be proud of.  If you have already implemented a pollinator garden, consider increasing its size or developing a second garden. 

Through SP’s partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council, all interested SP members will receive access to conservation resources to help guide you through the implementation process, along with up to 4 hours per site of one-on-one technical support from a conservation specialist as needed. Our objective for 2019 is to establish pollinator projects at 15 additional sites within the SP membership and we hope you will join us in contributing to this objective.  

Please contact Kellen Mahoney at SP to learn how your company can participate in this voluntary effort. We would appreciate receiving your response by April 30, 2019, however additional commitments will be welcomed throughout the year as well. 

Kevin M. Butt

Director, Environmental Sustainability

Toyota Motor North America

SP Biodiversity Work Group Co-Chair

Sam Qureshi

National Business Development Manager

WM Sustainability Services

SP Biodiversity Work Group Co-Chair

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