SP launches member engagement channel on Manufacture 2030 platform

At SP’s 1st Quarter Meeting, we announced the launch of a new private member engagement channel (the SP Channel) on the Manufacture 2030 platform.

The SP Channel is a place for global automakers, their suppliers and global environmental agencies to drive collaborative action in order to enhance the environmental sustainability performance of the global automotive supply chain.  SP is committed to creating and facilitating innovative relationships and business opportunities among global automotive manufacturers, their large and small suppliers, the US EPA and other government entities from around the world, to improve the environmental sustainability and business value of the global automotive supply chain.

Why a Channel on Manufacture 2030?

As SP expands the scope of its mission, we feel it important to leverage tools such as Manufacture 2030 to help us in amplifying SP’s impact across the global automotive supply chain and beyond. Specifically, we hope SP’s private channel on Manufacture 2030 will help SP to make collaboration, best-practice sharing and dialogue between members happen more easily and regularly, online – for all SP members and supporting all work streams. We hope that the SP Channel will provide further opportunity for members to:

  • share information with peers
  • learn from others about issues impacting the environment and their business operations, and
  • identify leading practices and opportunities for collaborative action.

We encourage all members to use the SP Channel to share ideas, challenges, questions, and resources with the group (no sales pitches please!), and welcome any feedback or questions you may have.  Employees of active SP member companies are eligible to participate in the Channel.

If you haven’t already, do go and introduce yourself to other members. You can also review the latest content and discussions in the channel.

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