Next Phase of SP ESG Leadership Strategies Project

In 2022, SP launched a new ESG Leadership Strategies project co-chaired by Bosch and General Motors to provide a venue for focused exploration of evolving ESG challenges and opportunities relative to the automotive sector and supply chain.

October 2022 SP ESG Workshop

The project focuses on environmental issues within the broader ESG context, ensuring a complete understanding of relevant environmental issues but not extending SP’s focus beyond environment into purely social or governance aspects of ESG.

SP held three workshops in 2022 with the strategic support of Scott Nadler of Nadler Strategy. In the final working session of 2022, a shortlist of potential priorities for the future SP ESG Leadership agenda was developed, building on key challenges emerging from prior workshops, specifically:

  • internal communication tools;
  • bridging the gap between ambition and achievement;
  • programmatic harmonization of OEM/supplier information requests; and
  • reducing external reporting burdens.

In early 2023, SP is launching the next phase of this ESG Leadership Strategies initiative focused on the development of internal-facing, action-oriented ESG leadership tools and strategies to continue to build on the 2022 work. With the strategic support of T-3 Strategies in collaboration with the existing member co-chairs, this effort will look to explore questions such as:

  • how to package the what, why and how of external ESG-related signals / drivers and internal ESG-related goals / commitments into clear, coherent and useable communication;
  • how to connect to the who and integrate ESG-related priorities into the rest of the business with clear recognition among key internal functions / stakeholders of their part and how they fit in to the company’s ESG strategy;
  • how to use tools to get a company’s ESG story out and build engagement internally, including storyboards, newsletters, internet, and sustainability councils; and
  • what action-oriented toolsets may be able to help suppliers with small staffs.

Intended outputs of this work will focus on industry-driven frameworks and tools to deliver effective ESG-related internal communications and build engagement to address differing perspectives within organizations.

A series of invitation-only member workshops are planned over the coming months to discuss these topics in detail, with the first virtual workshop scheduled in mid-April. To learn more about this activity and opportunities to participate as an SP member, please contact us at

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