Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) Announces 2022 Environmental Sustainability Award Winners

Representatives from Henkel, Lavergne, Magna International, and Solvay recognized for environmental leadership.

For Release: October 27, 2022, 10:00AM EST

Washington, DC – The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) – an association of global automakers and their suppliers working together to advance environmental sustainability through the automotive supply chain – today announced the winners of its 2022 environmental leadership awards at its fourth quarter membership meeting in Lexington, Kentucky.

The SP Awards are designed to recognize and raise awareness of environmental sustainability successes within the automotive supply chain, while promoting knowledge sharing and transfer of proven solutions across the automotive industry. The 2022 Awards were presented in four categories including: Community Impact; Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices; Demonstrating Environmental Innovation in the Manufacturing Process; and, the Shining Star.

Community Impact

The Community Impact Award recognizes automotive suppliers who strive to extend the positive impacts of their sustainability efforts to local communities and organizations outside the automotive industry through outreach and education.

The 2022 SP Community Impact Award was presented to Lavergne for its Ocean-bound Plastic Recycling Initiative in Haiti.

Lavergne was recognized for the development of an ocean-bound plastic recycling project designed to support impoverished communities in Haiti and to help divert plastic waste from reaching our oceans.  This initiative collects and transforms plastic waste from Haiti into an added-value component that can be used as raw material in the manufacturing of new products, including automotive parts. Through this initiative, Lavergne has developed partnerships with other organizations to improve working conditions of Haitian collection workers and create new economic and educational opportunities in local communities.

Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices

The Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices Award recognizes automotive suppliers that demonstrate remarkable creativity in implementing environmental sustainability programs and practices.

The 2022 SP Creativity in Implementing Sustainable Practices Award was presented to Solvay for its Sustainable Manufacturing of a Bio-Based Polymer program.

Solvay was recognized for its development of a new partially bio-based polyphthalamide (PPA) called Amodel® BIOS PPA designed to support automotive carbon reduction targets while also delivering on the technical targets needed for new electric vehicle components. Alongside its development of this new product, Solvay was recognized for its work in addressing the energy, waste, and water usage at its Augusta, Georgia manufacturing plant where the PPA resin is produced, including the site’s use of 100% renewable electricity.

Demonstrating Environmental Innovation in the Manufacturing Process

The Demonstrating Environmental Innovation in the Manufacturing Process Award recognizes automotive suppliers that demonstrate outstanding innovation in an advanced manufacturing process or technology leading to significant environmental and economic impact within the automotive supply chain.

The 2022 SP Demonstrating Environmental Innovation in the Manufacturing Process Award was presented to Henkel for its Next Generation Metal Pretreatment Process.

Henkel was recognized for its conversion of Toyota’s San Antonio, Texas facility to its PALLUMINA Thin Film process for metal pretreatment on the 2021 Toyota Tacoma and Tundra. Henkel’s pretreatment process was recognized for its high corrosion performance across all common metals, while contributing to environmental advancements in the manufacturing process including elimination of the use of heavy metal phosphates, up to 90% reduction in sludge generation, and reduction in overall water consumption.  In addition to the recent program with Toyota, Henkel’s technology has been implemented by a number of automotive facilities contributing to significant environmental impact across the industry.

Shining Star

The Shining Star award recognizes and celebrates individual emerging sustainability leaders within the SP membership for their exemplary efforts in developing and improving environmental sustainability programs, as well as their leadership and engagement in SP.

Bridget Grewal of Magna International was recognized with a 2022 SP Shining Star Award for her vision and leadership in promoting industry collaboration to minimize automotive packaging waste and identify new opportunities to increase recyclability of packaging materials in the design phase.  Through Bridget’s leadership, actionable recommendations for designing and sourcing sustainable packaging were developed through a collaborative process between automakers, component suppliers, packaging suppliers, and recyclers, providing meaningful advancements in support of industry efforts to eliminate waste to landfill.

“On behalf of SP, I want to congratulate all our award recipients and thank each company that took the time to apply and share the outcomes of their environmental sustainability projects with us this year.  This awards program highlights the continued progress and achievements of automotive suppliers in driving measurable environmental improvements through their efforts, and we look forward to seeing these efforts continue to grow into the future” said Kevin Butt, Senior Director Environmental Sustainability, Toyota Motor North America and Chair of SP’s Board of Directors.

SP would also like to acknowledge and thank the member volunteers that contributed to the development and success of this year’s awards program, including awards program co-chairs Vickie Lewis (VMX International) and Bob Crawford (GWT Insight), and award selection committee members Al Johnston (Stellantis), Anthony Senatore (Ford Motor Company), Phil Cozad (Honda Development & Manufacturing America), Reeshemah Howard (General Motors), and Kevin Butt (Toyota Motor North America).

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