SP Q4 Sessions on Waste Management & Battery Recycling

The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) Q4 2020 Membership Meeting was held as a virtual event over October 26-28 this year. The meeting began on October 26 with interactive meetings of SP’s EHS Forum and SP’s Responsible Battery Work Group.

The SP EHS Forum is intended to provide an opportunity for deeper discussion, networking and exchange of ideas on key EHS topics of interest to SP members, and the topic selected for this quarter’s Forum meeting was waste management in automotive operations.

In the Q4 Forum meeting, SP members and partners from ERA Environmental, Heritage, US Ecology, VLS Recovery & US BCSD shared information on waste management programs and solutions relevant to automotive operations, and highlighted opportunities to innovate and collaborate to address hard to recycle materials. Participants then broke into smaller groups to discuss waste challenges / opportunities that they would like to work with other members to address. SP will be reviewing specific common issues of interest identified through those discussions for future events / inititiaves.

SP’s Responsible Battery Work Group provides a forum for SP members to work together to advance responsible management of advanced vehicle batteries, with a particular focus on end-of-life management of lithium-ion batteries.

In the Q4 Responsible Battery Work Group Meeting, SP members from Everledger, General Motors, Henkel and Li-Cycle shared information on ongoing research, programs and innovations related to battery design for disassembly, recycling processes for lithium-ion batteries and tracking / sharing battery data across the value chain. Participants then discussed key themes and outcomes of the work group’s meeting sessions over the past year and reviewed those issues / opportunities related to EV battery recycling that members would most like to see the work group address going forward.

Additional information on the meeting discussions, presentations and next steps is available to current SP member companies. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about SP and opportunities to participate as a member. And stay tuned for additional updates on the SP Q4 2020 meetings.

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