SP Q1 2022 Membership Meeting Summary – January 26

The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) Q1 Membership Meeting was held as a virtual event over January 25-27, 2022. SP’s quarterly membership meetings are designed to provide a forum for global automotive manufacturers, their large and small suppliers, and other partners from around the world to work together toward a shared vision of an automotive industry with positive environmental impact.

On January 26, the Q1 meeting included discussions on supply chain carbon reduction and EV battery lifecycle management. See our previous post for an update on the first day’s discussion.

Supply Chain Carbon Reduction

As companies in the automotive industry proactively work toward long-term goals of achieving carbon neutrality, it is expected that suppliers take an active role in striving to reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions from their businesses as far as possible. In this session, speakers shared information on current activities and emerging initiatives addressing supply chain carbon reduction and reporting methods in the automotive industry.

Emily Prior (Manufacture 2030) began the session with a case study on Manufacture 2030’s work with Honda North America, Toyota Motor North America and others in the automotive industry to minimize environmental impacts and improve efficiency across the supply chain. Emily shared information on the M2030 automotive program and its impacts to date related to supplier engagement and carbon reduction.

Alissa Yakali (Honda) and Kevin Butt (Toyota Motor) then shared information on their companies goals and expectations related to Scope 3 emissions reductions as well as experiences in working with Manufacture 2030 to engage and support automotive suppliers in making progress toward carbon reduction goals.

Marianne Kropf (Drive Sustainability) then introduced attendees to the Drive Sustainability organization based in Europe and its mission to drive sustainability through the supply chain. Marianne shared an overview of Drive Sustainability’s approach towards carbon neutrality and the work the organization is facilitating together with its members on corporate carbon accounting and product emissions accounting.

Following the presentations, speakers addressed audience questions and the meeting closed with a summary of upcoming opportunities for further peer discussion on carbon neutrality goals through ongoing SP work groups and projects.

SP Responsible Battery Work Group

SP’s Responsible Battery Work Group provides a forum for SP members from across the value chain to work together to advance responsible management of advanced batteries in electric vehicles, with a particular focus on end-of-life management of lithium-ion batteries.

Fred Gersdorff (General Motors) began the meeting with a presentation on ethical and responsible sourcing in the EV value chain. Fred discussed the fundamental values, principles and practices of GM’s ethical sourcing program and highlighted a few of the recent partnerships and investments GM has announced to further improve the sustainability of its supply chain.

Nic Brown, Anthony Dowgwilla, Travis Malston and Kai Fahrbach (Toyota Tsusho America) then shared information on a range of initiatives aimed at improving responsible management of EV batteries through the lifecycle. They discussed opportunities related to the collection and recycling of end-of-life EV batteries, recovering and repurposing spent EV batteries in second use applications, and innovative technologies to improve EV battery range in winter conditions.

Jeff Haltrecht (Call2Recycle) then presented a draft guidance document that had been developed through a collaboration of several SP member companies to educate others on EV battery transportation regulations and permitted shipping containers. The guidance document is expected to be published by SP, Call2Recycle and the participating member companies when finalized.

Following the presentations attendees discussed additional issues and opportunities to be considered in future work group meetings. The responsible battery work group will continue to meet on a regular basis to promote communication and pre-competitive collaboration along the value chain in support of responsible management of EV batteries.

Stay tuned for part three, with more details on the next day’s Q1 meeting sessions.

SP’s next quarterly membership meeting is scheduled to be held in-person on April 14, 2022, with accompanying virtual-only events before and after the conference. As always, SP members and collaborators are encouraged to reach out to learn more about how to get involved in SP work group activities and initiatives and to share your ideas to keep moving us toward our shared vision of an automotive industry with positive environmental impact.

Additional information on the Q1 meeting discussions, presentations and next steps is available to current SP member companies. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about SP and opportunities to participate as a member.

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