SP Conducts Q3 2020 Virtual Membership Meeting

The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) Q3 2020 Membership Meeting was held as a virtual event over July 15-16, 2020.

The theme of SP’s Q3 membership meeting was “Aspiring To An Automotive Industry with Positive Environmental Impact” and began with a panel discussion Exploring Automakers’ Long-Term Environmental Sustainability Goals. SP OEM members from FCA, Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota discussed their short- and long-term environmental sustainability goals, the drivers / context behind those goals, and provided examples of specific actions they are taking to advance progress.

A second panel then took a deeper look at How Suppliers Are Responding and Contributing to Industry Environmental Sustainability Goals. In this panel, SP members from Bosch, DENSO, Lear and Manufacture 2030 shared their own environmental sustainability goals, and discussed the role of customer requests / expectations / partnership in suppliers’ environmental programs, as well as examples of specific actions their companies have taken. 

SP was pleased to welcome senior leaders from US EPA, Wildlife Habitat Council and World Wildlife Fund to share their perspectives on strategies and opportunities to drive action on industry environmental sustainability goals through collaboration. The virtual event also highlighted SP member perspectives on strategies and practices for eliminating waste and optimizing use of sustainable materials in operations, products, and through the supply chain, with a panel session featuring members from FCA, GM, TerraCycle and VMX International.

The meeting included a virtual poster session alongside the panel sessions showcasing environmental sustainability practices and projects submitted by SP members, including: Bosch Rexroth, Battery Council International, ERA Environmental, FCA, Ford, GM, Heritage, ICL-IP, ITU Absorbtech, Mobile Fluid Recovery, Robert Bosch, Toyota, VLS Recovery.

In addition to the general Q3 meeting sessions, several interactive pre-meetings of SP work groups were organized on July 13-14, including SP’s Emerging Professionals Work Group, EHS Forum, Responsible Battery Work Group and SP Technology & Innovation Work Group. These meetings focused on SP working group objectives and projects, and included speakers from organizations such as: Battery Solutions, Clarios, ECOCLEAN, FTS Technologies, GHD, Global Battery Alliance, Global Battery Solutions, Honda, Hytch, Kristiansson LLC, Nadler Strategy, TerraCycle, and Waste Management.

During the meeting, SP was pleased to recognize and thank Russell Brynolf of FTS Technologies for his vision, leadership and service as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee from 2010-2020. SP also announced two updates to SP’s 2020 Executive Committee roster, including the appointment of Jack Nunes, Lear, as SP’s Vice Chair and Vickie Lewis, VMX International, as SP’s Work Group Chair.

SP’s Q3 virtual meetings are the first step in a process of members working together toward SP’s renewed vision of an automotive industry with positive environmental impact. We were pleased to see over 200 people registered for this virtual membership meeting, including SP member representatives and colleagues from across the United States and around the world, and are looking forward to continuing to collaborate and learn from each of our members as we move forward.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about SP and opportunities to participate as a member.

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