Ford Hosts the Spring 2019 Meeting of SP’s AASA in Mexico City

On May 22, Ford hosted the Spring meeting of SP’s Alianza Automotriz para la Sustentabilidad Ambiental (AASA) initiative at the Ford Distributors Association in Santa Fe, CDMX.  A special thanks to Luis Lara, Dionisio Menchero and the Ford team for their support in hosting this meeting.

AASA’s Spring meeting included discussion on topics such as emerging environmental legislative and regulatory initiatives in Mexico,  emissions trading systems,  eMobility trends, the use of drones in environmental assessments, and SP activities in the United States, and included speakers from Iniciativa GEMI, GiZ, Bosch, Lear and Amerris. The meeting also included a roundtable discussion where participants identified current and emerging sustainability issues for consideration in future AASA meetings.

During the meeting, Luis Lara announced his retirement from Ford and shared that Dionisio Menchero would be taking his place as Ford’s primary representative to AASA.  On behalf of all of AASA’s members, we sincerely thank Luis Lara for his leadership and commitment as a founding member of AASA and wish him the very best. 

Please contact AASA Program Assistant Marcela Tirado if you’d like to learn more about AASA and participation in future events.

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