EPA’s Perciasepe Says SP Provides Leadership

EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe told a packed room in Detroit January 15 that he is “proud of EPA’s relationship with SP,” adding that the group was “providing leadership” on auto industry sustainability.

“We need to develop the demand for innovation, and EPA can’t do it alone,” said Perciasepe. “Partnership creation is essential to EPA’s future. Together, we need to get out of our silos, develop tools and information resources and education to empower partnerships,” he said.

Mr. Perciasepe made his remarks before 140+ participants at SP’s 1st Quarter Membership Meeting, held at the GM Renaissance Center.

The meeting included presentations on programs and activities of SP’s Working Groups, as well as presentations on environmental sustainability activities of SP members in the auto supply chain, including Bosch and Henkel. The meeting also featured a discussion on Integrating Energy, Carbon and Water Management into the Business Strategy, including SP member representatives from Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and American Honda Motor Co.

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