Covanta Hosts SP 2nd Quarter Meeting in Indianapolis

On May 7-8, Covanta 4Recovery hosted the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP)’s 2nd Quarter Membership Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. Meeting participants had a unique first hand opportunity to learn more about the energy from waste process and the national Covanta network of energy from waste (EfW) facilities through a guided tour of Covanta’s Indianapolis EfW facility during the meeting. A short virtual tour of the EfW process is available on Covanta’s website.


Pictured: (L) Denise Coogan, SIA; (R) Maria Milescu, Chrysler

During the meeting representatives of SP member companies operating in Indiana – including Chrylser, GM and Subaru – provided strategies and case examples in support of reducing waste to landfill while strengthening the bottom line, and discussed the value of building supplier partnerships in finding sustainable solutions to challenging waste streams and achieving corporate sustainability goals. In addition, SP member companies shared innovative technologies, processes and practices to improve environmental sustainability across the supply chain.

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