AVA members collaborate on multi-media assessment of Metalsa plant in Saltillo, Mexico

On February 16, SP’s Alianza Verde Automotriz (AVA) initiative organized a collaborative multi-media assessment at AVA member Metalsa’s facility in Saltillo, Mexico. The assessment included participation from energy, water and waste subject-matter experts from AVA, FCA Mexico, Heritage Interactive Services and Metalsa.  Special thanks to Karina Gonzalez Bret, Miguel Ramos and Metalsa for hosting this assessment, and to each of our AVA members for their participation.

AVA offers this multi-media site assessment program for AVA member companies to work collaboratively to address common environmental and sustainability challenges.   The assessments are conducted by AVA members, for AVA members and focus on identifying opportunities to conserve energy, water, and waste and to reduce costs. Previous AVA assessments have been hosted by AVA members such as Bosch, DENSO, Lear and Nemak.

For more information on AVA, please contact Don Harris.


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