Alianza Verde Automotriz – Mexico City

On September 5, Alianza Verde Automotriz (AVA) hosted its third meeting at General Motors Mexico Headquarters in Mexico City. AVA is a new initiative organized in collaboration with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) to provide automobile OEMs and their suppliers the opportunity to work together to address new, innovative and voluntary environmental sustainability projects that will improve their environmental performance while providing value throughout the automobile supply chain in Mexico.


Pictured: (L) Arnulfo Berlanga, GM, greeting participants at AVA’s September 5 Meeting; (R) Delia Rivas, Chrysler, Luis Lara, Ford and Pedro Zuviri, Nemak

The September 5 meeting centered on ongoing AVA Work Group efforts in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, and Waste Management and Resource Creation. Through these AVA projects, participating companies are working together to share tools and best practices, improve processes and identify solutions to improve the sustainability of the automotive supply chain in Mexico.

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