East Penn Mfg. Co. – East Penn’s Industry’s First Acid Reclamation Process. 

“Prior to 1992, the lead battery industry had a good story. Two of the three major components of a lead battery (lead and plastic) were able to be completely recycled and the third (acid) could be neutralized and safely disposed. During 1992 that story got a whole lot better. East Penn researchers were the first to develop a process that was patented for the reclamation of sulfuric acid from spent batteries for use in new energy storage devices. At the company’s acid reclamation facility, the first of its kind in our industry, heavy metals and other impurities are removed and the solution is converted into new electrolyte. In 2020, 5.6 million pounds were diverted from disposal. In the almost thirty years the company has been reclaiming acid for new batteries, the company has diverted over 1.5 hundred million gallons from other forms of disposal.”

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