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The Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) is an association of automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers working in collaboration with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other governmental entities to identify and implement creative projects and programs that will advance environmental sustainability while providing economic value to the automotive supply chain through strategic action and engagement.

SP’s members work together to improve environmental performance while increasing value throughout the automobile supply chain. SP provides a forum for small, mid-sized and large automotive and vehicle suppliers to work with automobile OEMs to learn from each other and share environmental best practices while also providing economic value throughout the supply chain.


  1. Maintain a self-sustaining 501(c)(6) trade association, which will demonstrate that by working cooperatively within the supply chain, private sector companies of all sizes can achieve real environmental improvements while providing value to the participants.
  2. Provide a mechanism where automotive suppliers through the relationships developed in SP can collect and share information, data and knowledge on ways to improve their environmental performance and, by utilizing EPA communication channels, share the knowledge gained through SP activities with companies and organizations who are not members of SP.
  3. Develop, as appropriate, specific tools, reports or documents that address the vision, mission and needs of the organization.
  4. Provide a foundation for future activities designed to recognize and encourage new approaches in developing environmental policy.

How Does SP Provide Value to Its Members?

SP provides value to its members by:

  • Providing a forum for companies to work together to share "best practices" through task forces and work groups to address specific issues and information about new technologies implemented by member companies
  • Organizing work groups about key issues that provide value to the membership
  • Providing facility-specific technical assistance workshops
  • Identifying and addressing externally driven environmental impacts
  • Retaining the costs savings realized through SP activities.

What are the Current SP Work Group Projects?
SP is a "member-driven" activity that provides quantifiable value to members. Work Groups have been organized to address issues of importance to the membership. The SP membership determines the Work Group topics and activities. Current Work Groups include:

  • Chemical Issues Management
  • Energy and Water
  • Materials Efficiency
  • Technology and Networking

How Does SP Get Its Work Done?
In addition to the individual work group activities, which include meetings and conference calls, SP conducts quarterly Membership Meetings. The purpose of these quarterly meetings is to share information and update the membership on the status of the work group projects, conduct benchmarking sessions on selected topics and provide a networking forum for the members.

Each member company designates a representative for the Board of Directors. In addition, an Executive Committee has been elected to manage the day-to-day activities of the organization.

How is SP Managed?
Each member company designates a representative for the Board of Directors. In addition, an Executive Committee is elected to manage the day-to-day activities of the organization.

How is SP Funded?
Activities of the association are funded by contributions from the membership of the association based on annual sales of the member company as note on the SP Membership Application.

Who May Become a Member of SP?
Membership is open to any company that supplies goods or services to an automotive manufacturer or parts supplier. Also, a non-profit organization having an established commercial relationship with the automotive industry may be considered for an “associate” membership.

What is EPA's Role in SP?
A truly unique aspect of SP is its partnership with the EPA, which helps provide SP with topics for special projects, information, approaches and tools. More importantly, SP provides a forum for member companies and the EPA to work in collaboration to achieve common environmental goals.

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